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Textiles and Linens

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Textile Style: Decorating with Antique and Exotic Fabrics
Caroline Clifton-Mogg
17.50 (30% off)
More a lush book of history and inspiration than instruction, Caroline Clifton-Mogg's Textile Style devotes passionate attention to utilising the infinite variety of fabric throughout your home. Clifton-Mogg admits her aim is to inspire and educate on the decorative use of textiles, so no patterns or DIY instructions are featured...
Textile Style: Decorating with Antique and Exotic Fabrics

Kilims: A Buyer's Guide - Lee Allane
In recent years kilims have become sought after both as functional and as decorative items. Their versatility, the beauty of their colours and patterning and their reasonable prices all help to explain this level of interest, but the abundance of patterns and style has made the search for the right kilim a bewildering process. This comprehensive guide ensures that independent advice is now available. For the beginner, the guide explains what kilims are, how, where and by whom they are made, how they get their names and how they are classified and marketed. For those who are thinking of buying, the guide offers advice on suitability and quality, when and where to buy and it provides a useful table of comparisons. For those who know the basics but want to know more, the book offers an overview of the events and beliefs that have shaped the kilim-making world, providing a reference source on tribal, regional and contemporary workshop weaving groups.

Kilim: The Complete Guide - Alastair Hull, Jose Luczyc-Wyhowska
Bold, distinctive pattems; brilliant colours; astonishingly diverse decoration; affordability. These are some of the characteristics that explain why the marvellous flatwoven textiles known to the West as kilims have become so popular. In recent years, demand for them has reached unprecedented levels and there is now a need for a definitive work on the whole vast subject. "Kilim: The Complete Guide" aims to fill this need, correcting misconceptions in its examination of the origins and history of these uniquely attractive cloths. Hundreds of pictures, many in colour and many specially taken, offer a blend of information and dazzling visual allure. A detailed account of techniques - embracing materials, dyes and dyeing, tools, kilim structures and weaving - is followed by an analysis of motifs and symbolism. The core of the book is devoted to the specific characteristics of region, tribe and kilim type. Four major sections present the fruits of much original research, fully informing the reader about all the kilims he or she is likely to encounter, from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Anatolia, Persia and the Caucasus to Afghanistan and Central Asia. Chapters on new kilims and the uses of kilims - as bags and trappings as well as rugs together with a reference guide to collecting, care and further study, conclude this volume. Alastair Hull has travelled extensively in Afghanistan and Iran, collecting and studying kilims. He is the author, with Nicholas Barnard, of "Living with Kilims" (1988). Jose Luczyc-Wychowska opened London's Kilim Warehouse in 1982.

Oriental Rugs: An Introduction - Gordon Walker
The rugs and carpets of Persia and Turkey, and many other countries of Muslim Asia consitute one of the richest seams of art anywhere in the world. But is is an art that can be part of your domestic environment. Although popular the rugs of the orient are also a nightmare of complexity where the inexperienced would-be-buyer is concerned. How can one be sure that one is buying a good example, that is well made and in good condition? What should the buyer look for, what are the tell-tale signs of inauthenticity? What are the marks of genuineness and quality? This introduction to the subject has: an explanation of the vocabulary of carpets, the techniques of identification, how rugs are made, materials/dyes, the great families of rug styles, a gazetteer of countries, tribes and regions, buying rugs, the truth about auctions and bankruptcy sales, care and maintenance.

Oriental Rugs: A Buyer's Guide - Lee Allane
7.16 (20% off)
A guide to modern oriental rugs, explaining the techniques, materials, and tools used in making them, and discussing quality, design, color schemes, and resale values.

Oriental Carpets: A Complete Guide - Murray L. Eiland
42.26 (10% off)
A reader from Colorado said, "With wonderful full color reproductions of the subject, this book is a piece of art in itself. After a wonderful introduction, the chapters are regionally oriented, making it easy to access specific information, or get an in-depth history. I can imagine myself returning to this book again and again, for many years to come."
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