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General Collectables

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DK Antiques Price Guide 2004
Judith Miller
16.09 (30% off)
Featuring over 8500 photographs for easy identification, this guide should prove to be a valuable reference for anyone (either beginner or expert) interested in buying, selling or collecting antiques.
Miller's Antiques Price Guide 2004

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Miller's Collectables Buyers' Guide 2003/4 - Madeleine Marsh
11.89 (30% off)
Spanning Roman antiquities to "collectables of the future", this illustrated guide features all the latest price ranges and represents a cross-section of what has been available in auction houses and from dealers across the world, including the USA. The 2003/4 edition includes features on: amusement and slot machines; Victorian "love" jewellery; erotica; Masonic regalia; crime novels; toys and games; collectable road maps; ocean liner memorabilia and postcards. More familiar subjects such as: advertising and packaging; ceramics; glass and metalware are also present. In this edition, individual sections have been devoted to garden collectables and kitchenware. Every item shown appears within a price range, be it thousands of pounds or less than five pounds and the "Record Breakers" pages celebrate the objects that have made the highest recorded prices in their field. The guide also features a wealth of background information, as well as collecting tips and advice about where to buy and what to look out for. Directories of specialist dealers, markets and centres and collector's clubs are also featured in the text, in addition to advertisements from leading auctioneers and specialists who can help put the collector in touch with people who can assist.

Miller's Collectables Price Guide 2003 - Judith Miller
12.59 (30% off)
This insider's guide is a clear, user-friendly way of getting real value for money, whether you're looking to spot a bargain at auction, or to find out how much that old radio in the attic is worth. Each item is clearly photographed in colour, displaying the latest carefully verified price, identifying marks, size, historical details and date, in order to aid accurate recognition. Whether you want to find out about a particular teddy bear, a Susie Cooper tea pot, or a movie poster, you'll find a vast array of kitsch and classic memorablia grouped alphabetically. Also included are Judith's predictions on what's hot for the future. Hints on where and what to buy and sell, as well as tips on what makes some items so desirable, should make this guide useful to serious collector and bargain-hunter alike.

Rare Record Price Guide: 2004 - Record Collector
19.95 (20% off)
Covering every musical genre from pop and rock to country, jazz and dance, the seventh edition of this text provides values for over 100,000 records, tapes and CDs, as well as full B-side and bonus track information listed for every single. Based on the archives and research of "Record Collector Magazine", each entry features a detailed discography listing the release date, catalogue number and value. The guide features every collectable artist since the 50s, from Frank Sinatra, Elvis and the Beatles to Queen, Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue, including specialist areas such as punk, indie, metal, new wave, hip-hop, psychedelia, R&B, film soundtracks and original stage and radio recordings.

Miller's Collectables Price Guide 2002/2003 - Madelaine Marsh
12.59 (30% off)
This price guide covers a treasure trove of desireable objects from every field. Explore the history of hot air ballooning, examine vintage shoes, discover the world of Tupperware and learn about collectable crime. This guide includes collectables such as: ceramics; children's toys; jewellery; vintage clothing; drinking glasses; kitchenware; lighting; and record collections. The book also looks at some of today's products that could become future collectables. Prices range from under a fiver to thousands of pounds.
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