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General Antiques

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DK Antiques Price Guide 2004
Judith Miller
16.09 (30% off)
Featuring over 8500 photographs for easy identification, this guide should prove to be a valuable reference for anyone (either beginner or expert) interested in buying, selling or collecting antiques.
Miller's Antiques Price Guide 2004

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Miller's Antiques Price Guide 2004 - Elizabeth Norfolk
17.49 (30% off)
This guide covers traditional antiques such as furniture, pottery, porcelain, glass and silver, but also includes the decorative arts, textiles, posters, kitchenware and over 60 subject categories in total. Items date from the antique through to the latest in contemporary design. This year's special features cover militaria, campaign furniture, Meissen porcelain, Lustreware, Chinese ceramics, commemorative silver, boxes, embroidery and needlework, cameras, rock and pop and modern design of the 1970s and 1980s. The text also includes information boxes on the market and price trends, makers and historical detail. All 10,000 items are shown in colour for the first time. Over 20 named experts from the UK, USA and elsewhere contribute their knowledge and expertise to the guide.

Antique Collector's Marks - Harriet Wilson
4.79 (20% off)
Throughout the antique markets of Britain, you'll find that both dealers and enthusiasts use Foulsham titles for identifying and dating their stock, quite simply because they are so efficient and easy to use. This brilliant book is perfect for dealers, stallholders and non-specialist collectors, as well as those simply looking for beautiful bargain objects for their homes. With the ever-growing interest in home style and antique and craft markets and fairs, this is a classic that is set to continue for many years.

Miller's Antiques Under 1000 Price Guide - Miller's
Decorating your home with genuine antiques can seem a daunting prospect if you are on a budget. However in today's market there are many perfectly good genuine antiques at much lower prices than you might expect - you can even buy antique furniture at lower prices than comparable modern pieces. The lower price might be due to condition; a bit of restoration or it might simply be a good buy. This price guide concentrates on bringing antiques to a wider audience. It highlights those pieces that collectors wanting affordable antiques should be looking for. It features over 1500 antiques, illustrated in full colour with extended captions to explain the factors determining its price, and therefore this book should be ideal for the novice collector wanting to learn more about why a piece is valued at a certain price. The "Look without the Price" feature illustrates how to get the antique look without the price by highlighting later pieces in the style of much more expensive period pieces, while the "Miller's Compares" feature explains why two seemingly similar pieces can achieve different prices. There is plenty of market advice plus information on designers and makers. A team of consultants, including John Sandon and Leslie Gillham, has authenticated every piece and explain the reasons behind the values, whether it is condition, fashion, restoration or simply a bargain.

Miller's Is It Genuine: How to Collect Antiques With Confidence - John Bly
13.99 (30% off)
Completely fake antiques are few, but items that are not quite genuine abound. There are copies, adaptations, "marriages" and dubious restorations. This book explains in detail exactly how the experts judge authenticity so that the collector can avoid expensive mistakes.

A Closer Look at Antiques - Judith Miller
14.00 (30% off)
To the inexperienced, buying antiques can be about as stressful as a trip to the dentist. How do you correctly identify antiques? How can you spot the genuine article and not be fooled by a fake? What is an appropriate price for the piece you want? In A Closer Look at Antiques, Judith Miller answers all those questions, plus a few more.

Miller's Art Nouveau and Art Deco Buyer's Guide - Eric Knowles
13.99 (30% off)
Selling over 30,000 copies since publication, Miller's Art Nouveau and Art Deco Buyer's Guide has been completely updated and revised with the latest information and prices. It is the essential practical reference work for both new enthusiasts and experienced collectors. Art Nouveau and Art Deco...

Art Deco 1910-1939 - Charlotte Benton
28.00 (30% off)
Art Deco was the style that swept across the globe during the 1920s and 1930s and created the defining look of the interwar years. Its influence was ubiquitous: it transformed the skylines of cities as diverse as New York and Shanghai; it touched the design of everything...

Art Nouveau - Paul Greenhalgh
17.47 (29% off)
Looking at Art Nouveau from an international perspective, this text examines its origins and meaning within an art-historical, literary and social context. It covers all the major designers of the period and the environment in which they worked, describing the variation in forms and ideas expressed...

Essential Art Nouveau - Paul Greenhalgh
7.96 (20% off)
Captures the essence of Art Nouveau in words and pictures. Details and motifs are chosen to highlight the key elements of the ground-breaking style which swept across Europe and America at the turn of the century and became a major influence on all art forms.
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