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Discovering and Restoring Antique Furniture
Michael Bennet
11.89 (30% off)
Designed for amateurs interested in the restoration of antique or period wooden furniture, this handbook provides step-by-step explanations of techniques and methods. It gives advice on how to date furniture, how to restore damaged structures and surfaces, and how to apply finishing touches...
Discovering and Restoring Antique Furniture

For a wonderful selection of Welsh Country Antique Furniture please visit Michael Lloyd Antiques.

Miller's Collecting Furniture: The Facts at your Fingertips - Christopher Payne
This guide contains all the essential information needed by a budding furniture collector, showing how to identify styles as well as individual pieces, how to avoid fakes and how to spot a bargain. It includes chapters on all major types of readily-affordable furniture, a special section on...

Miller's Late Georgian to Edwardian Furniture Buyer's Guide - Leslie Graham
13.99 (30% off)
A reference work for experienced collectors and novices alike, for identifying and valuing pieces from the late-Georgian to the Edwardian period. Over 4000 items are illustrated and described, with over 500 in colour, each with an up-to-date price guide reflecting the latest market trends...

Collin's Care and Repair of Furniture - Albert Jackson
13.99 (30% off)
This is a guide for the practical amateur with a love for furniture in the home and garden. Divided into five chapters, it gives the reader an understanding of the background to domestic furniture and how it is made, and advice on methods and materials for its care and repair. Features include: how to recognize genuine and reproduction furniture; easy-to-follow tips and techniques on how to care for and repair household furniture; step-by-step illustrations and repair sequences; coverage of a wide range of materials; and a list of suppliers for specialist materials. The authors' previous books include "Collins Complete DIY Manual" and "Collins Complete Woodworker's manual".

Miller's Antiques Checklist: Furniture - Richard Davidson
7.99 (20% off)
The Miller's Antiques Checklist series of pocket guides, most of which are now fully revised with updated prices, makes the world of antiques accessible to a wider audience than ever before. In each book a simple question-and-answer checklist is provided for a broad range of representative items, teaching you what to look for and how to distinguish between the genuine article and a fake, an original and a copy. These information-packed books are superb introductory courses for the beginner and refresher courses for those already with some collecting experience...

Antique Furniture (Starting to Collect Series) - John Andrews
This is a concise yet wide ranging survey of collectable antique furniture. The new collector will use it as an accessible reference tool enabling him to be confident in identifying key features of a wide variety of items. The book is structured chronologically by century and within each period by country. Periods, woods, jargon are intimidating - this is a guide to overcome initial confusion, Numerous illustrations complement the text. The book is aimed at the starting out or would-be collector who wants to have available the most important facts in an easily accessible form. Because of its comprehensive but concise approach it is also useful as a refresher course for existing collectors who wish to check sources or expand their interests. Furniture...

Restoring Wood - Eva Pasqual i Miro
Restoring Wood covers in detail how to rejuvenatc wooden furniture that has been neglected or has aged badly. It clearly and concisely describes the common problems and their causes, with invaluable information on the equipment and techniques required for successful restoration of wooden pieces. Nine specific projects are also covered through clear step-by-step instructions, ranging from a rocking chair to a decorated chest.

The Complete Guide to Restoring and Repairing Furniture - W J Cook
14.00 (30% off)
Starting with the basics, this manual offers a course on repairing and restoring all types of furniture, from raising a dent to turning a chair leg. It includes an easy-to-use guide to identifying and dating your furniture as well as a directory of the tools, materials and equipment necessary to...
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