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The Perfect Store: Inside eBay
The Perfect Store: Inside eBay - Adam Cohen
6.39 (20% off)
eBay is the single most visited commercial site on the internet - and one of the most successful. The Perfect Store tells the story of eBay's humble beginnings, launched from a spare bedroom in Pierre Omidyar's house, to its current status today - with 1,664,000 visitors a day, 20 million registered users and 75,000 people relying on eBay for their income. eBay started as a way to help Omidyar's fiancee trade with other collectors. It turned a profit in its first month and went on to change the face of business, creating the 'perfect market'. - Reveals details of the company's rapid rise and the fascinating impact it has had on its users through the virtual marketplace. - Examines the range of customers, from the woman who wakes at 3.00am to bid on a toaster, to the woman who had to rent a warehouse for her thriving business selling bubble-wrap. - Reveals why eBay has succeeded when so many dot-coms have failed. - Provides essential reading for those trying to understand how the Web is changing business, and for those trying to anticipate the next big thing.

The Official eBay Bible - Jim Griffith
12.96 (10% off)

eBay The Smart Way - Joseph T. Sinclair
10.12 (9% off)
This updated second edition covers all the basics, including how to: follow the steps and rules for offering a product for bid; plan and schedule auctions for maximum profits; prepare pages, text, links and photos that will work seamlessly in the digital marketplace; establish credibility - the heart and soul of success on-line; and create a responsive approach to customer service. "eBay the Smart Way" has expanded since the first edition, with more small businesses clamouring to make use of it as a highly effective marketing channel. The book covers the "selling" side as well as buying, and provides detailed information on many new features:; ID verify; auto trader; local auctions; business to business;; great collections; BillPoint and PayPal; square trade; eBay anywhere; and more.

How to do Everything With Your eBay Business - Greg Holden
This guide helps to make sales easy for overseas customers by explaining currency exchange, translation services, time differences, and customs and tax requirements. Sidebar profiles of successful eBay businesspeople provide advice to readers.

eBay Hacks: 100 Industrial Strength Tips & Tools - David A Karp
14.06 (9% off)

UK Auction Help - Independent Online Auction Assistance.
Online Auctions at eBay: Bid with Confidence. Sell with Success - D Prince
11.26 (9% off)
Explains auctions and the growth of eBay, discusses safe trading, and covers bidding on items, creating an auction listing, and making a sale.

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