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2004 Standard Catalog of World Coins: 1901-Present
Chester L Krause
24.49 (30% off)
Taking world coin collecting by storm, this annual best-seller is the only single volume available offering complete coverage from 1901 to the present day. Over one million prices are catalogued with more than 48,700 obverse and reverse illustrations to make coin identification fast and easy. Listings price coins in up to five grades of condition and include the mintage number and date. Thoroughly researched, all prices are updated to reflect current market values and are given in US dollars. Includes essential reference information such as a how-to-use tutorial, international numeric guide, identification charts, foreign exchange rates and much more.
2004 Standard Catalog of World Coins: 1901-Present

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Standard Catalog of World Coins: 19th Century 1801-1900 - Chester L Krause
23.09 (30% off)
Every 19th century coin is identified in this complete one-volume reference to tens of thousands of coins. Specialists, collectors, and dealers use this as their standard for identifying and evaluating coins issued from 1801 to 1900. Heavily illustrated with newer and better photos for identification - with most photos actual size, this prestigious price guide provides a comprehensive listing of each coin in up to four grades of condition. All foreign exchange rates and precious metals values are the most recent figures. This catalogue is sorted alphabetically according to country of issue. Collectors of all levels will easily navigate through the volumes of information by following the user's guide and using the helpful charts.

Standard Catalog of World Coins: 18th Century 1701-1800 - Chester L Krause
31.49 (30% off)
From the smallest mining pfennings to the largest multiple ducats in gold, this single volume represents a definitive collection of 18th century world coins, based on more than 30 years of research by hundreds of numismatic experts. The listings for issues from China, the German states, and the Holy Roman empire, along with Transylvania, the Papal states, France, and Spain contain a wealth of information not found in other world numismatic references. Listings are presented in a new easy-to-use format with more descriptive information and the denomination appearing next to each Krause-Mishler number. Coin prices are now listed in up to five grades of condition. Collectors are assured of updated and highly accurate pricing as international numismatic experts have reviewed every value. This third edition features over 17,900 actual size obverse and reverse coin images.

Standard Catalog of World Coins: 17th Century 1601-1700 - Chester L Krause
This valuation catalogue of 17th-century coins has illustrated instant identifiers, standard international numeral systems, global exchange rates and a cross-referenced country index.

British Coins Market Values 2003 - Focus Network
6.39 (20% off)

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