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Clocks and Watches

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Miller's Collector's Guide: Watches
Frankie Liebe
4.79 (20% off)
Watches offer the collector a combination of ingenious technology and decorative design. This practical guide is a starting-point for the newcomer to the subject. It begins with information on the components and mechanics of a watch, and goes on to explore watch design from rare 16th-century...
Miller's Collector's Guide: Watches

The Pocket Watch Handbook - Max Cutmore
10.39 (20% off)
With the aid of over 80 drawings and photographs, the author shows clearly how the different movements work and discusses the many efforts made to improve timekeeping over the years. Much of the information provided is based on his own original research. For the collector, there is a wealth of...

Miller's Antiques Checklist: Clocks - John Mighell
7.99 (20% off)
The "Miller's Antiques Checklist" series of pocket guides aims to make the world of antiques accessible to a wider audience. In each book a range of question-and-answer checklists are provided for a range of representative items.

Miller's Clocks and Barometers Buyer's Guide - Derek Roberts
13.99 (30% off)
Clocks offer a combination of usefulness and beauty, and have been central features of many homes since the 17th century. "Miller's Clocks and Barometers Buyer's Guide", which has been fully updated for this edition with revised price and current market information, is a practical reference work for both enthusiasts and experienced collectors. The text covers a wide range of timepiece styles and mechanisms available, from elegant mahogany longcase clocks to enamelled brass carriage clocks, with a special section on the increasingly collectable field of American clocks. Every single item is pictured and has an up-to-date price guide. Special price guides concentrate on popular yet traditional antiques subjects and show thousands of examples of different items with descriptions and, of course, prices. This allows the collector to gauge subtle price differences due to location, condition, or provenance. The large number of items shown for each type - in this case clocks - means a collector is more than likely to find something similar to what they are trying to match or identify. Special features provide additional historical and collecting information on specific subjects.

Collecting and Repairing Watches - Max Cutmore
10.39 (20% off)
A revised and updated edition of "The Watch Collector's Handbook", this practical guide to all aspects of collecting and repairing watches is designed to provide both beginners and established collectors with all the information they need to pursue their interest with knowledge and confidence...

Complete Price Guide to Watches 2002 - Cooksey Shugart
An annual, comprehensive price guide for watch collectors features the current pricing and market value of more than ten thousand types of watches, including both American and European makes of pocket watches, wrist watches, and comic watches. Original...

Collectable Wristwatches - Rene Pannier
Pepe of Basingstoke, Hampshire England, 17 January, 2003 wrote "A lovely little book but deeply flawed. The author is clearly a collector for cosmetic value but has little to offer in the way of technical material. There are also some glaring omissions so the book cannot be relied on as a historical document. Having said all that, for the price it's a delightful..."
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