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Ceramics and Glassware

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Miller's Collector's Guide: Blue and White Pottery
Gillian Neale
4.79 (20% off)
The wide range of pottery decorated in blue and white with intricate transfer-printed patterns is popular among collectors. Intended as an introduction to the subject, this guide provides information on materials, techniques, manufacturers, and styles. "Fact Files" highlight key aspects of each subject, show manufacturers' identifying marks and feature tips on collecting. Advice on care and restoration is provided at the back of the book, along with a glossary...
Miller's Collector's Guide: Blue and White Pottery

Miller's Ceramics Buyer's Guide - Chris Spencer
13.99 (30% off)
Ceramics are attractive, easily displayed, often affordable and consequently popular items to collect. Pieces that have survived daily use for years are now sought after by collectors. This book covers a range of pottery and porcelain objects and provices a practical reference work for new enthusiasts as well as the experienced collectors in this field. It includes more than 4000 examples of pottery and porcelain from the mid-18th century to the mid-20th century are illustrated and described, each with an up-to-date value. Special features include Clarice Cliff, pot lids, Wemyss, blue and white ware, Mason's Ironstone, Goss and Crested China, fairings and commemorative ware. There is also a special feature on American ceramics. Within each section, items are divided by type of ware (eg cups, plates etc), with information boxes containing guidance on collecting, what to be aware of when starting a collection, hints on how to avoid making expensive mistakes, and the history of many factories. A Directory of Specialists gives guidance on restorers and details of collectors' clubs are listed

Miller's Collecting Porcelain
13.99 (30% off)
Bonhams Auctioneers and BBC Antiques Roadshow expert John Sandon looks at the many ways in which porcelain can be collected, dividing the book into collecting by style, by decoration, by maker or country of origin, and by object or shape. Styles and makes covered include Ming, Rococo, Japanese Imari, Meissen, Royal Worcester, Art Nouveau and Deco, Sevres and Limoges. A comprehensive introduction to the invention of porcelain and how it is manufactured is provided, including the factory processes involved in making the items, as well as details of what to look for and where to find it. Colour photographs illustrate the diversity of porcelain available, with feature tint-boxes on collecting information and advice. Fakes and reproductions are uncovered and tips are given on how to care for and display a porcelain collection. This volume should be useful to beginners and established collectors alike, providing the background information and detailed knowledge of the pieces available on the market needed to build a successful porcelain collection.

Encyclopaedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks - Geoffrey A. Godden
31.50 (30% off)
a reader wrote, "The primary reference book used by dealers and collectors to identify their antique and vintage English china, pottery and porcelain. It's a fabulous book, whether you're trying to identify anchors or crowns, As or Bs, or want to check what your date mark means - this is the book for you. Illustrated with thousands of marks from English manufacturers. Very easy to use. Highly recommended. Often referred to as the 'bible' by collectors and dealers in England. It would be cheap at double the price."

Clarice Cliff: The Art of Bizarre - Leonard Griffin
Presents the life and work of Clarice Cliff, including her achievements and artistic significance. This book also examines her motivations and ambitions.

Miller's Pocket Fact File: Pottery and Porcelain Marks - Gordon Lang
7.99 (20% off)
This addition contains illustrations of over 3000 marks from all major ceramics centres. They are listed by type, together with information on the makers, factories and artists that use them. It also includes a glossary, illustrations of distinctive forms found in ceramics, and maps.

Beswick Animals (5th Edit.) - The Charlton Standard Catalogue - Diana Callow
New finds and new issues have been added to bring this catalogue right up to date. There are now over 500 pages of models. Each is shown clearly in photographs, some in colour. Listings include model number, size, colour, designer, dates of manufacture and discontinuation. Gives the current market values for the UK, USA, and Canada.

Collecting Poole Pottery - Robert Prescott-Walker
A reader from Oxford, UK, 4 June, 2001 wrote "This is an extremely useful book as, in addition to the historic background, it contains almost 50 pages of colour plates showing examples of a wide range of different pieces each with information on the designer and a price guide. This is followed by a further 26 pages of pattern and price guides...."

A Collector's Guide to Willow Ware - Jennifer Lindbeck

New Handbook of British Pottery and Porcelain - Geoffery Godden Ceramics
10.39 (20% off)
This compact book will prove a useful companion for anyone who enjoys browsing around junk shops, antique fairs or car boot sales in search of bargains. Small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket, it is crammed with valuable information to help you identify collectable British porcelain and...

Miller's Glass Buyer's Guide - Jeanette Hayhurst
This guide covers everything from bottles to decanters and drinking glasses to scent bottles. Paperweights, pictures and lighting are also featured. It covers items from 17th century antique drinking glasses to 20th century designers and factories.

Miller's Collecting Glass: The Facts at your Fingertips - Sarah Yates
10.39 (20% off)
Concentrates on glass for the table and examines the key collecting areas from the 16th to the 20th century. Items are divided by type of object an then geogrpahically and manufacturers and techniques are examined. Fact boxes also present tips and information on what to look for.

Manual of Pottery & Porcelain Restoration - David Everett
9.55 (9% off)

Porcelain Repair and Restoration - W.A.Oddy
This text explains simply, step-by-step, how even inexperienced amateurs can achieve excellent results when they embark on porcelain restoration. Would-be restorers are introduced to the many options available and encouraged to discover which techniques suit their individual circumstances. Each...

Practical Ceramics Conservation - Lesley Acton
13.97 (29% off)
Written by two leading conservators, it explains the various stages of the conservation process. Step-by-step instructions and examples show how staining may be removed, cracks stabilized, pieces rebonded, moulds taken, areas retouched, lustres applied and gilding restored. Reference information provides a usuful aid for anyone unsure about the different qualities of clay, solvents, adhesives, bulking agents, plaster, paints and varnishes. This handbook should be useful for anyone interested in the conservation of ceramics, whether their aim is to pursue a career in this field or to mend a favourite plate.
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