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Books, Papers and Ephemera

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Miller's Collector's Guide: Postcards
Judith Miller
4.79 (20% off)
This practical, accessible guide is part of a series aimed primarily at the budding collector, featuring postcards from Britain, the United States and Germany, which provide a fascinating insight into the society and art of the past 100 years. In exploring the enormous variety of cards available...
Miller's Collector's Guide: Postcards

The Encyclopedia of Ephemera: A Guide to the Fragmentary Documents of Everyday Life for the Collector, Curator and Historian - Maurice Rickards, Michael Twyman
Ephemera is the plural form of the Greek word ephemeron, which comes from "epi", meaning "on", "about" or "round", and "hemeron", meaning "day". Literally, it refers to something that lasts throughout the day, or, as Maurice Rickards proposed, the "minor transient documents of everyday life", although not every item of ephemera can be regarded as transient or even minor. Collectively the many entries in this reference seek to provide a better definition of ephemera, since they include manuscript and printed matter (football programmes, envelopes, visiting cards, ballot papers), records of the past and present (newspapers, cigarette cards, seed packets, ration papers), items designed to be thrown away (bus tickets, paper bags, cheese labels, beer mats), and to be kept (bookmarks, share certificates, playing cards, board games). The volume is intended for social historians, reference librarians, students of printing and graphic design and for collectors of ephemera who take a broader view than their own specialist field.

Collecting Photography - Gerry Badger
17.50 (30% off)
At the beginning of the 21st century, collecting photography has come of age and more people are collecting photographs than ever before. With prices constantly rising, it is a complex subject for newcomers with many pitfalls. This book is an introduction to the field, providing would-be collectors and those already building collections with an accessible source of information. It includes a combination of essays and listings sections and discusses things collectors need to know about how and where to buy and invest. It explains the different types of photograph available, and lists, with market notes, the top 250 collectable photographers. It also explains how to conserve photographs and has a glossary of the terms used.

Guide to First Editions 2002/2003 - Ray B. Russell
The Guardian wrote "Should become an annual classic, like the Miller's Antique Guide"

Collecting Children's Books - Crispin Jackson
13.97 (29% off)
This is the long-awaited second edition of the world's leading publication for all collectors of children's books. It lists all the collectable children's books in the English language and provides valuations for each one. This new edition features a host of new authors, including the very collectable J K Rowling, author if the immensely successful "Harry Potter" books.

Discovering Book Collecting - John Chidley
4.79 (20% off)
A reader from Scotland, 18 September, 2001 wrote "This handy little book covers a vast range of topics and is an excellent introduction to the world of book collecting. I found the later chapters on first editions and childrens books more useful than the rather dry and esoteric material on the history of printing and binding. However it definitely..."

Collecting Picture Postcards - Geoffery Godden
19.95 (20% off)
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